Selling Tips

You have decided you want to sell your home and if you are like most people then you will want to sell it fast and for as much money as possible.  It is not luck that is going to make this happen.  It takes some planning, preparation and some good staging.  So, what are the next steps you need to complete to before it is ready?  For starters take a look at some of these tips below and put yourself in your potential buyer's shoes.  Just think of how what kind of impression you would want to have if you were walking into the next home you are going to purchase.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Mentally Move Yourself Out

  • Get in the mindset of, "This is something that needs to be sold. This is not my home, but a temporary shelter until I am out."
  • Don't hold on to emotions about this house. Think of all the memories you will make in your new home.
  • Picture yourself receiving the keys to your new home and moving in.

2. Move Out Your Personal Items

Go around to every room, take all of the family photos, paintings, and anything with the family name on it and pack it away. You want the buyers to imagine moving in and moving family photos into the spots where you took them down. This isn't going to happen if your pictures are still there. Do not distract buyers by making them wonder what kind of people lived there. Make them imagine living there.

3. Clear Out the Junk!

Are you a hoarder? It is really perplexing the amount of junk people can collect in their homes. You might want to consider all of the items in your home that haven't been used in the past year. If you haven't used it, then you could probably do without it. If it hasn't been used in the past five years you really need to think about letting it go!

A de-cluttered home appears larger, brighter, and fresh. If you have thought about all of the items you haven't used and still want to keep then pack it up.

  • Don't need it? Donate it!
  • Get rid of all the books from the bookcases.
  • Pack up the bric-a-brac.
  • Completely rid the kitchen counters of everything. And don't just stuff it in the cabinets below. We want to see the amount of storage the kitchen has.
  • Have a box ready to put the everyday items into and in a closet when it is time to show.
  • Considered this a packing head start. You are going to have to do it eventually. Why not start now?

4. Make Buyers Think You are OCD

Prospective buyers will open up everything in the home if they are really interested in it. Arrange everything as neatly in and outside of your pantry and closets as you can. If they think that everything is perfectly organized then they will think that you have paid the same amount of detail and care in maintaining the home.

  • See what can be discarded in the pantry and make it as neat as possible.
  • Neatly arrange dishes and silverware.
  • Group like items together and turn all cup handles facing the same way.
  • Organize your closets by type of clothing, color and make sure all garments are facing the same way.
  • Organize your shoes.

5. Consider Renting Storage

Does your bedroom have a tight spot because of an oversized armoire? Does the office have too much seating in the way that you can't walk around? Take out the extra leaves from the dining room table to make the dining room seem larger. Leave only as much furniture as it takes to make a room look proper. Your home will look better and larger without all of the unnecessary furniture. If you want to get an idea of what furniture should be in each room or rather shouldn't be there then go take a peek at a local homebuilder's model home that has been professionally decorated.

6. Remove Fixtures You Plan to Take

Are you planning on taking window treatments, fans, or light fixtures? If you are, it is time to take them out now. If it is out of the house now then it is out of site for the buyer and also out of mind. If you choose to leave these items in the home and the buyer sees them and then is told they can't have them, inevitably they are going to want them. Remember, we want to sell this home quickly and don't want to throw the transaction off course by negotiating these items. So, take down anything you are keeping that is attached to the house now and if necessary replace it with something else.

7. Make Some Repairs or Slight Modifications

  • Fix loose door handles.
  • Take care of that leaky faucet.
  • If there is a hole in the wall from this year's NFL party, then patch it up.
  • If you have a pink wall with purple polka dots then it would be a good idea to paint that wall a neutral color.
  • Fix doors or drawers that stick.
  • Replace light bulbs if they are burnt out.
  • Fix any minor thing that you can fix.

8. Make the House Shine!

  • Keep bathrooms spotless and take care of any moldy or grimy spots.
  • Wash all of the windows. On the inside and outside.
  • Vacuum often.
  • Keep the dust off of everything.
  • Make sure to get rid of any weird smells or oders!
  • Keep it clean, clean, clean.

9. Look at Your Home from the Street

Curb appeal is key! You don't want a buyer to get to your house only to turn right back around again.

  • If the driveway is moldy or dirty have it presser washed or rent one and DIY.
  • Keep the lawn neat and mowed.
  • Make sure sidewalks are edged and clear.
  • Paint anything outside that needs a touch up.
  • Consider getting a landscaper to put fresh flower in the plant beds or plant them yourself.
  • Repaint or clean up the house number.