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First Things First

To protect your rebate you must contact me to establish the Buyer/Broker relationship.

I cannot stress this enough. If you contact listing agents directly or register on site at a new home builders' sales office without letting them know you have an agent working for you then you run the risk of possibly losing your commission rebate. OUCH!

Ok, so how does the rebate program work?

It is simple. Since we are moving through a period of trouble and uncertainty with the pandemic we at Carmichael Realty will give you a portion of our buyer's agent commission back to you. All you have to do is use us as your real estate buyer's agent and we'll schedule showings for you, work up a comparable market analysis, write your offer contract and take care of the rest.

The rebate is paid on the Closing Settlement Statement as a credit toward closing costs.

Yes, I want more information about the Orlando homebuyer rebate program!


*Buyer's rebate will be calculated by the following criteria:
Carmichael Realty will receive a minimum of 2% and the buyer will receive the remainder of the commission back as a rebate above 2%. In the event the buyer's broker commission is less than 2% Carmichael Realty retain the full commission. This rebate does not include any gifts, trips, meals, bonuses or any other items of value offered by the builder or seller. All rebates will be paid as a credit on the closing settlement statement and are subject to approval by all parties to the transaction. An administrative fee of $299.00 will be added to all transactions.